Drone Survey

The quick, easy and efficient way to map, measure, and track.

Drone Surveys using Photogrammetry

Drones enable you to capture large areas quicker, easier and cheaper than conventional means. This opens up myriad opportunities to measure, assess and monitor from the air for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Construction and facilities management

Mapping with drones enables us to quickly measure lengths, areas and volumes to a high degree of accuracy. The time efficiencies gained from this are returned to you in cost savings overall. The material management process can be streamlined through the use of cut and fill volume reports and ongoing stockpile management reports. In addition we can incorporate inspection reports into our workflow as well as site perimeter monitoring.


Groundworks and Landscape design

Drones enable quick and easily measurements of cut and fill volumes as well as distance measurements for planning landscape designs. It is also possible to assess plant health and utilise machine learning algorithms to count trees/plants. This process is usually far quicker and easier than the alternatives and therefore you can leverage cost savings to maximise profit or offer more competitive pricing.


Land and forest management

Mapping with drones is an efficient and cost effective way of keeping your land maps up to date. If the landscape has changed due to forestry or other works we can produce highly detailed 2D orthomosaics which can be overlayed in popular mapping software such as QGIS or ArcGIS. This allows you to track changes over time and relay information to key stakeholders in an easily digestible way.

Aircam Drone Services are certified in the industry leading drone photogrammetry software. 

Forest Research

Gloucestershire, UK

We flew a series of mapping missions for Forest Research to map research plots at the National Arboretum, Westonbirt. We produced detailed, accurate 2D orthomosaics suitable for overlaying onto mapping software such as ArcGIS and QGIS.

Commercial Roofing

Bristol, UK

Mapping the extents of this commercial roof allowed us to gain accurate areas for the various surface planes, taking into account roof pitch angles. We added ground control points to increase relative accuracy of the output.

Land Management

Gower Peninsula, Wales

We were called in to fly a drone photogrammetry mission to map a parcel of land in the Gower Peninsula. We established trees felled as a proportion of the total land area to assist in a court case against the land owner.

Our Working Process



Initial discussion to establish client needs and budget.



Proposal to fit your needs and budget.


Mapping mission

Site visit to conduct mapping mission.


Asset delivery

On time delivery of all assets in pre-agreed formats.

Here’s What Our Client Say About Us

“Mike has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Prompt communication, reliable and knowledgeable. He took a great interest in our plans and took the time to really understand what a huge transformation this will be for us and in doing so made sure he captured everything to perfection. We.....look forward to working together to capture the story of Silk Wood from felling to replanting..”

Alison Cobb - Westonbirt Arboretum

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