Drone Roof Inspection

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Why use drones for roof inspections?

Benefits of a Drone Roof Inspection

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing building surveyors and home owners with quick and efficient drone roof inspection services, delivering high-resolution results and excellent value. By using the latest in drone technology, we are able to provide a comprehensive understanding of the condition of your roof, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and safety in every project. With a focus on quality, affordability, and fast turnaround. We deliver the best possible results for your next drone roof inspection project. Contact us today to learn more about our drone roof inspection services and discover the power of accurate and reliable inspections.

Saves time

Drone roof inspections typically save time versus traditional methods of roof inspection.


Drone roof inspections mitigate the dangers from working at height.

Saves money

Drone roof inspections typically save money versus the cost of access equipment and man hours.

More detail

Drone roof inspections give you the detail you need to make informed decisions.

How Much Does a Drone Roof Inspection Cost?

Use our handy drone roof inspection cost calculator below to get a guide on your drone roof inspection cost.*

*Please note this is for general guidance only, and is based on image provision only. Contact us for a quote based on your property.

We are able to provide comprehensive condition reports at additional cost.

Please visit our dedicated blog post for more information on drone roof inspection cost.

Drone Roof Inspection Cost Calculator

Residential Drone Roof Inspection

£ 189*
  • Find leaks fast
  • 100% coverage of roof
  • Quick turnaround

Commercial Drone Roof Inspection

£ 249*
  • RICS Tech Partner
  • £1m public liability insurance
  • CAA Operational Authorisation

Drone Roof Inspection Images

A selection of images from drone roof inspections carried out by Aircam Drone Services.


Years in Business


Roofs Inspected


Saved On Costly Damage

Our Drone Roof Survey Services

The Drone Roof Inspection Specialists

Residential Drone Roof Inspection

We specialise in providing drone roof inspections and surveys using drones equipped with high-definition cameras. By using drone technology, we can help identify potential damages and defects on your roof quickly and efficiently, without the need for expensive scaffolding or the dangers of working at height. Our images cover 100% of the roof, giving you a comprehensive visual guide to the condition. We take pride in giving you peace of mind and helping you plan for any necessary repairs or maintenance with our drone roof inspection imagery. By choosing our drone roof inspection services, you'll be getting a thorough and cost-effective solution for your drone roof inspection needs.

Commercial Drone Roof Inspection

Regular drone roof inspections can mitigate safety concerns, identify problems early, and be used to inspect remediation works. We primarily work on behalf of building surveyors and property managers, capturing drone roof inspection images for roofs that are either unfeasibly large to survey manually or have unsafe or difficult access. This is usually as part of ongoing maintenance regimes, end of lease building inspections, or pre-sale surveys. We capture clear, detailed drone roof inspection imagery that covers all aspects of the roof. Our work is logical, methodical, and standardised. This means that our job satisfaction rate for drone roof inspection work is 100%, and we aim to keep it that way.

Our Amazing Clients

Working with the best

Aircam Drone Services were punctual, professional and went the extra mile to inspect all aspects of the roofs using their drones, including hips, gulley’s, penetrations, and guttering. They provided a report of potential issues which identified areas (in high detail) which may have been missed using access equipment. We have since had Aircam back to inspect remediation works, working out of hours to minimise impact on employees.
Jon Knight
Facilities Manager

What to Expect From a Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspection stroud

Quick Response

We aim to be with you within 24 hours of booking.

Kingshill House, Dursley drone photography

Minimal Disruption

We operate with minimal fuss and there’s no admin on your part.

Drone roof inspection Bristol

100% Roof Coverage

No matter how complex your roof, we will inspect every part.

Drone roof inspection london

Sharp Images

Sharp, clear images that show every part of your roof in high resolution detail.

Clear Reporting

If required we can report on our findings from the drone roof inspection.

Excellent Value

We endeavor to provide the best value around.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a typical residential drone roof inspection we will return sharpened aerial images and one overview video back to you via a professional file transfer service.

On larger commercial roof surveys we can work with RICS qualified surveyors to compile a condition report showing key areas of concern. 

We find that for most clients the images tell the whole story, clearly showing areas where roof repairs will be needed.

We work to your timeframes. In a rush? We can deliver your images back to you within a few hours.

Typically from around £200 for a small roof. We aim to provide value over and above the cost of expensive scaffolding and access equipment.

100%, close-up coverage of the roof, making it easy to identify any issues that may be present. Additionally, drone roof inspections will usually save you time and money versus traditional methods of inspecting a roof.

Why use us for your drone roof inspection?

Our team brings a unique and valuable combination of expertise in both construction and media. With extensive experience in both office and on-site settings in the facade and civil engineering sectors, we possess a comprehensive understanding of construction processes and methodologies, as well as the expected outcomes.

In addition to this construction-focused background, we also have professional capabilities in creative photography and video production.

This diverse background positions us perfectly to meet the needs of clients who require drone roof inspections. Our team’s strong working knowledge of building construction and ability to capture high-quality images is essential to the success of this service.

We take pride in being recognised as RICS Tech Partners, a testament to our commitment to serving the needs of building surveyors and property managers, and improving efficiencies within the industry. Furthermore, we are certified in the industry-leading photogrammetry software, Pix4D, which enables us to provide 2D mapping and 3D modeling services when required.

Safety First

Strict safety procedures including Risk Assessments and flight plans.

Fully Insured

Drone specific public liability insurance (£5m)

Quality Output

High resolution, clear and sharp drone photography and video.

Drone Roof Inspection Case Study

Commercial Drone Roof Inspection Case Study

We were called in to inspect the roofs of five commercial buildings with over 100,000 sq ft of roof space in Bristol.

The client was keen to explore drone technology and the feasibility of carrying out their bi-annual roof inspection by drone rather than with access equipment.

Our method of drone roof inspection has worked out to be around 75% quicker than the alternative, while also mitigating safety concerns from working at height, and providing more detailed imagery overall. The cost saving to the client has been substantial, with the total package coming in at around half the price of using access equipment. This is simply due to the increased speed of a drone roof inspection as well as the lack of access equipment hire costs.

Aircam Drone Services provided a drone roof inspection and report that saved the client time and money and identified previously unseen safety concerns.

We provided the company with high resolution imagery of the drone roof inspection, as well as 4K video overviews of the roof areas. We compiled PDF reports outlining areas of concern, pinpointing exact locations of the issues. We were also able to leverage our photogrammetry experience to provide an additional report measuring the area of each roof.

The images highlighted areas of damage that the client was previously unaware of as well as a number of safety concerns that might otherwise have been missed using access equipment where 100% coverage of the roof is not guaranteed. They were able to quickly act on this information and carry out repair works, mitigating potentially costly roof leaks and safety concerns in the future.

After a successful first year, Aircam Drone Services have since returned to the Bristol campus and Edinburgh offices to carry out drone roof inspections, including after storm Eunice and Dudley.

Capital Coated Steel drone roof survey

Drone Roof Inspection Case Study #2

Drone Roof Survey: A Comprehensive Inspection of Capital Coated Steels' Property

Capital Coated Steels, a prominent steel stockholder located in Newport, Wales, boasts a vast property with many extensions. Their primary roofing is made of corrugated coated steel sheets, supplemented with a section of torch on felt flat roof. This expansive roof also supports a considerable array of solar panels in its central region.

The challenge? The property had been enduring multiple leaks. Our initial consultations with the client, followed by an on-site walk-around inspection, allowed us to pinpoint and mark these trouble spots on an aerial map of the building. This became instrumental in our drone roof survey, ensuring we targeted these areas ‌to uncover the root cause of the leaks.

Over ‌a day, our drone roof survey unveiled a spectrum of conditions across the property. Given its evolving nature because of successive extensions, the discrepancies were expected. One pressing concern was the integrity of the Mansafe system. The client had specifically sought clear visuals to find out the quality of its installation. Our detailed drone imagery revealed that some brackets of the Mansafe system were not appropriately sealed post-installation. This oversight not only damaged the roofing but also resulted in water ingress inside.

Insufficient sealing to mansafe system bracket

Such water intrusion is often deceptive. It may enter from one point but manifest internally elsewhere, traveling along roof joists or within the insulation so, in this case, getting ‘eyes-on’ with the brackets was the only way to find out the real source of the leaks.

Having identified these problems, suitable remediation works can now be carried out to address the leaks.

Another highlighted concern was a row of unchecked trees bordering the property. Their ownership — whether with the council or the client — was debated, leading to their unchecked growth. These overhanging trees became a focal point of our drone roof survey. The drones’ small size allowed us to get into the tight spaces between the overhanging branches and the gutters, with the imagery showing severe blockage, with vegetation actively growing in the gutters, and downpipes completely blocked.

Gutter full of vegetation

In other areas we identified varying degrees of rust, corrosion, and fading on the metal roof coverings. These findings were systematically graded in our report, ensuring the client could efficiently prioritise and address each issue.

Utilising the Scopito platform for our report, we provided a comprehensive breakdown of the concerns, each ranked by severity. Accompanying our insights were cloud-backed geolocated images, offering the client an intuitive understanding of every challenge their building faced.

The outcome? Client satisfaction, as our drone roof survey not only highlighted persisting issues but also suggested actionable remedial steps.

For anyone seeking a precise and thorough roof evaluation, a drone roof survey stands as an invaluable tool. It amalgamates the precision of technology with expert analysis, ensuring no stone (or in this case, tile) is left unturned.

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