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How Much Does a Drone Roof Inspection Cost?

We delve into the world of drone roof inspections and find out how much a drone roof inspection costs in the UK.

Drone Roof Inspection Cost Calculator

Drone Roof Inspection Cost Calculator

TL;DR: The cost of a drone roof inspection for an average 3-bed house starts from £195. The cost of a drone roof inspection for a larger commercial building starts at around £450. Use our handy drone roof inspection cost calculator above to get an estimate.

How much does a drone roof inspection cost?

Although there are many variables, the question of how much a drone roof inspection costs in the UK needn’t be complex.

Drones are still a fairly new addition to our skies, but reputable drone roof inspection companies will be able to provide you with clear and transparent costs for your drone roof inspection, whether you are a residential customer looking for a drone roof inspection of a single roof following leaks, or a building surveyor or facilities manager looking for a drone roof inspection company to carry out regular ongoing work.

What is a Drone Roof Inspection?

A drone roof inspection, or drone roof survey varies in its scope, but at the basic level it is the process of taking photos of your roof from an aerial perspective.

These photos can be used to ascertain the general condition of your external roof coverings, chimneys, vents, flues, skylights and other roof penetrations to give you an idea of potential areas of concern.

You might be commissioning a drone roof inspection following a leak, or you may be interested in the general ongoing maintenance of your roof.

Drone roof inspection detail shot

How Does a Drone Roof Inspection Help?

A drone roof inspection helps by showing your roof in high detail, allowing for close inspection of every area of the roof. This can be done from the comfort of your desk, with high-resolution images allowing you to zoom in on the finer details.

Spotting slipped tiles, missing or defective flashing, failed pointing to chimney breasts, and deteriorating materials is usually easy using this method.

Many people use drone roof surveys to gain quotes for repairs from roofing companies, ensuring they are comparing apples with apples.

A drone roof inspection can be complimented by a report on the observations and the overall condition of your roof, which, depending on your budget can be written by a RICS Chartered Surveyor or by another knowledgeable professional.

Drone Roof Inspection Cost Variables

The main defining factors of the cost of a drone roof inspection are the size, and complexity of the roof and the choice of deliverables i.e. whether you want images only, a basic observational report, or a full RICS backed condition report with recommendations for remedial action.

Roofs with multiple pitches, dormers, and complicated rainwater goods will always take longer to inspect than a simple pitched or flat roof.

By the same token, very large roofs will always be much more involved, requiring careful planning, plenty of time on site, and increased time spent processing photographs.

How to Assess Your Likely Drone Roof Inspection Cost

Step 1: Assess Roof Area Size

  • Measure the length and width of the roof area in feet/meters.
  • Multiply these two measurements to get the total square footage (SF) of the roof area

Measure roof to determine area


Additional Tip: Easily Measure Your Roof Area using Google Maps

  • To get an approximate measurement of your roof area using Google Maps:
    1. Open Google Maps on your computer or mobile device.
    2. Search for your address or zoom in to locate your property (use satellite view).
    3. Right-click (or tap and hold) on your roof’s starting point, and select “Measure distance” from the context menu.
    4. Continue clicking along the outline of your roof to measure its perimeter. Google Maps will display the total distance and area.

Step 2: Determine Complexity of Your Roof

  • Identify the complexity of the roof area:
    • Simple Roof: Flat or pitched roof surface, easy access, and minimal penetrations (vents, skylights etc).
    • Complex Roof: Multiple pitches/levels, chimneys, vents, hips, valleys, skylights, and vents.
Determining complexity of roof for drone survey

Step 3: Consider Airspace Restrictions

  • Provide your drone roof inspection service provider with the address of the property so they can check for any airspace restrictions in the location where the drone inspection will take place.
  • Ensure the drone roof inspection provider obtains necessary permits if required.

Step 4: Calculate Drone Roof Inspection Cost

You could use the formulas below, but it’s probably far easier to use our handy Drone Roof Inspection Cost Calculator at the top of the page.
  • Simple Roof Formula: Cost = Base Rate (per SF) x Roof Area Size (SF)
  • Complex Roof Formula: Cost = Base Rate (per SF) x Roof Area Size (SF) + Complexity Surcharge
  • Note: The Base Rate per square foot may vary depending on the service provider and location.

Step 6: Get Quotes from Drone Roof Inspection Service Providers

  • Contact drone roof inspection service providers, provide them with the postcode or What3Words location of your property in order to obtain quotes.
  • Remember to choose a reputable and experienced drone operator for accurate and reliable results.

About our Drone Roof Inspection Services

Aircam Drone Services are RICS Tech Partners, are accredited in Pix4D photogrammetry software, and are an established company, operating since 2019.

We offer a range of drone roof inspection services depending on budget, from basic imagery, through to full condition reports compiled by RICS Chartered Surveyors.

Drone service provider


We are specialists in large scale drone roof inspections and surveys, where you can benefit from economies of scale. We can offer significant discounts for volume work, either on a contract or one-off basis. Please get in touch for more information.

How to Book Your Drone Roof Inspection

As specialists in drone roof inspections, we can price up each building quickly and accurately with all variables considered, giving you a straightforward answer to your drone roof inspection cost.

There is no obligation to take us up on our offer, so if you’re simply inquisitive about what a drone roof inspection costs, and think it might help you as a homeowner, building surveyor, or facilities manager to find out, please call us now.

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