Best drone for kids

Best Drone for Kids: Unleashing Their Inner Pilot

Introduction: Sparking a Passion for Flight

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, not just for professional use but also as a fun hobby for kids. They provide a unique and engaging way for children to develop their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and spatial awareness. To help you choose the perfect drone for your young pilot, we have compiled a list to help you find the best drone for kids.

For information on drone laws for kids drones, head to the bottom of the article.

Drone Model Camera Resolution Key Features Price (GBP)
DJI Tello 720p HD Lightweight, user-friendly, propeller guards £99
Holy Stone HS210 N/A Mini drone, indoor use, headless mode £29
Potensic A20 N/A Mini drone, altitude hold, headless mode £32
Snaptain H823H N/A Mini drone, 360-degree flips, headless mode £34
Altair AA108 720p HD Custom flight routes, altitude hold, headless mode £89
Syma X5C 720p HD Budget-friendly, 6-axis gyroscope, 360-degree flips £39
Hubsan H107C+ 720p HD Durable, altitude hold, headless mode £49
UDI U818A 720p HD 6-axis gyroscope, headless mode, 360-degree flips £55
Force1 UFO 3000 N/A LED lights, headless mode, altitude hold £45
Ryze Tech Tello EDU 720p HD Programming capabilities, propeller guards, safe flying £129

Please note that the prices listed above are approximate and may vary depending on the retailer or any ongoing promotions. It is always recommended to check the latest prices from different sources before making a purchase.

1. DJI Tello: The Perfect Beginner's Drone

DJI Tello drone for kids

My 11 year old owns this drone and finds it easy and intuitive to fly using the DJI Tello app on a mobile phone making the DJI Tello an excellent choice for those new to drones. Its lightweight design and user-friendly controls make it easy for kids to learn the basics of piloting. Equipped with a 720p HD camera, it allows children to capture high-quality images and videos while exploring the skies. Safety features like propeller guards and auto takeoff/landing ensure that kids can operate the Tello with confidence.

2. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone: Compact and Fun

Holly Stone HS210 drone for kids

Next up is the Holy Stone HS210, a drone owned by my 6 year old who loves it’s ability to be crashed over and over again without breaking! This mini drone is designed specifically for kids, and is perfect for indoor use. Its small size and protective propeller guards allow for safe flying in tight spaces. The drone offers three-speed modes to accommodate different skill levels, as well as cool flips that kids will love. The headless mode makes it easy for beginners to control. With its one-key takeoff/landing and altitude hold functions, kids can focus on having fun while flying.

3. Potensic A20 Mini Drone: Ease of Use and Safety Combined

Potensic A20 drone for kids

The Potensic A20 is another mini drone perfect for kids, offering easy controls and enhanced safety features. Its altitude hold function maintains the drone’s height, giving children a stable flying experience. The one-key takeoff/landing feature simplifies the flying process, while the headless mode and three-speed options make it suitable for both beginners and more experienced pilots.

4. Snaptain H823H Mini Drone: Exciting Stunts and Tricks

Snaptain H823H drone for kids

For kids who love performing aerial tricks, the Snaptain H823H is the perfect drone. With its 360-degree flips and rolls, children can show off their skills and impress their friends. The drone’s headless mode, altitude hold, and one-key return features make it easy to control, while the propeller guards protect against potential accidents.

5. Altair AA108: A Step Up for Budding Pilots

Altair AA108 drone for kids

The Altair AA108 is an ideal drone for kids ready to take their piloting skills to the next level. Its advanced features, such as custom flight routes and altitude hold, give young pilots more control over their drone. The built-in 720p HD camera allows for high-quality aerial photography, while the one-touch takeoff/landing and headless mode make it accessible for beginners.

6. Syma X5C: An Affordable Drone for Kids with Impressive Features

Syma X5C drone for kids

The Syma X5C is a budget-friendly option with a range of impressive features. Its 6-axis gyroscope ensures a stable flight, while the headless mode and 360-degree flip capabilities make it an exciting choice for kids. The drone also comes with a 720p HD camera, allowing children to capture stunning aerial images and videos.

7. Hubsan H107C+: Durability and Stability in a Small Package

Hubsan H107C+ drone for kids

For those seeking a durable drone, the Hubsan H107C+ is an excellent choice. Its sturdy design can withstand crashes and rough landings, making it perfect for young pilots. The drone features a 720p HD camera, altitude hold, and headless mode, allowing kids to easily capture their adventures while maintaining control.

8. UDI U818A: A Resilient Drone for Kids with Advanced Features

UDI U818A drone for kids

The UDI U818A is a robust drone designed to withstand the occasional bumps and crashes that come with learning to fly. Its 6-axis gyroscope and headless mode provide stability and ease of control for new pilots. The drone also features a 720p HD camera for capturing aerial footage, and the 360-degree flip function adds an element of fun to the flying experience.

9. Force1 UFO 3000: LED Lights for Nighttime Flying

Force 1 UFO 3000 drone for kids

For kids who love flying at night, the Force1 UFO 3000 is the perfect drone. Its bright LED lights make it easy to spot in the dark, adding an extra layer of excitement to the flight. The drone’s headless mode, altitude hold, and one-key takeoff/landing functions make it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced pilots.

10. Ryze Tech Tello EDU: A Drone for Learning and Fun

Ryze Tello Tech Edu drone for kids

The Ryze Tech Tello EDU is a unique drone that combines fun and education. It allows kids to learn programming through Scratch, Python, or Swift, making it a fantastic tool for introducing children to coding. The drone also features a 720p HD camera, propeller guards, and auto takeoff/landing for safe and enjoyable flights.

Bonus: DJI Mini 2 SE: Pricey, but worth it

DJI Mini 2 SE drone for kids

The DJI Mini 2 SE is a more expensive option, but it is an excellent next step in your child’s journey into flying drones. We fly the Mini 2 and Mini 3 drones as professional operators for everything from drone roof inspections to drone filming for TV and social media campaigns. With superior flight stability, a 4K camera, and advanced controls, the Mini 2 SE provides a more immersive and professional flying experience. While it may have a higher price tag, the investment is worthwhile for those looking to enhance their drone piloting skills and step up to the next level of flying drones. 

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Drone for Your Young Pilot

With so many drones on the market, finding the perfect one for your child may seem overwhelming. By considering factors such as ease of use, safety features, and the ability to perform tricks, you can choose a drone that will help your child develop their skills and unleash their inner pilot.

Drones for Kids: The Laws Explained

In the UK, drone regulations are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). According to their rules, an Operator ID and Flyer ID may be required depending on the drone’s weight and usage.

Based on the new guidelines, Operator IDs are required for drones weighing less than 250g if they are not toys and have a camera. Flyer IDs are only required for drones weighing 250g or more.

Please keep in mind that these requirements are based on the drone weights provided, whether they are likely considered toys, and the presence of a camera. Always check the current CAA regulations before flying a drone to ensure compliance with the latest rules.

For more information on drone regulations in the UK, visit the CAA’s official website:

Considering the weight specifications of the drones listed in the table, the requirements for Operator ID and Flyer ID are as follows:

Drone ModelWeight (g)CameraLikely a ToyOperator ID RequiredFlyer ID Required
DJI Tello80YesNoYesNo
Holy Stone HS21023NoYesNoNo
Potensic A2027NoYesNoNo
Snaptain H823H30NoYesNoNo
Altair AA10885YesNoYesNo
Syma X5C102YesNoYesNo
Hubsan H107C+50YesNoYesNo
UDI U818A130YesNoYesNo
Force1 UFO 300085NoYesNoNo
Ryze Tech Tello EDU87YesNoYesNo

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